Shell Mold Making

Yongju foundry has one shell molding production line with 26 Machines for Cores and Molds Making, and a team of skilled employees who usually based on the strict standard to schedule production plan and satisfy customers' demands. 

Shell Mold Casting Process could produce Ductile Iron Grades from 400 to 900, Furthermore, this is a high-grade version of sand casting, which uses a pre-coated resin sand. Shell molding process refers to a technique which use resin sand to create a thin “shell”.  This shell becomes the negative pattern forming two pieces. These two pieces are then mated to create a mold. Such process has less sand residue during production, so could reduce some iron casting defects, such as sand inclusion, sand holes and air holes.Therefore, Shell molding process can meet higher requirements to the rough casting surface quality, more complex inside structures, and higher casting dimensional tolerances.